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Yamaha CP40 Stage - Digital piano for stage


Yamaha CP40 Stage - Digital piano for stage
Yamaha CP40 Stage - Digital piano for stage
Yamaha CP40 Stage - Digital piano for stage

Retail Price: $ 2520,00(CDN)
Our Price: $ 1799,99 (CDN)
You Save: $ 720,01 (28.57 %)

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The CP40 STAGE features a selection of voices from the CFIIIS of Yamaha’s Premium hand-crafted grand piano, vintage EPs with VCM effects, and a variety of sounds based on our flagship MOTIF synth have been matched with an 88-note Graded Hammer action to provide the amazingly realistic piano touch and response.

Premium GP
Premium GP
As the largest acoustic piano manufacturer in the world we were able to hand select from our vast collection of 
hand-crafted grand pianos to create the sounds heard in the CP40 STAGE.

[CFIIIS] The Evolution of Excellence
The CFIIIS is another superb full concert grand piano hand-crafted by Yamaha, with a full, bright sound and resonant, 
authoritative bass that make it perfectly suited to ensemble performance.
Vintage EP
The CP STAGE Series features an impressive selection of vintage electric pianos from different eras, enhanced by Yamaha’s 
renowned Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology, which allows the reproduction of the classic stomp box effects that were 
such an integral part of their sound.
[CP80] The Electric Grand
Striking its strings with an authentic grand piano action and using pickups to convert their vibration into an electrical 
signal, the CP80 is an electric grand piano in the truest sense. The moment this instrument burst onto the scene it won 
immediate acclaim for its pronounced attack and unique harmonic overtones.

[DX7] The Historic DX Electric Piano
Operating on the principle of FM tone generation, the Yamaha DX Series debuted at the beginning of the eighties as the 
world's first digital synthesizers. The impressive variety of sounds that the DX made available left musicians around the 
world in awe, particularly the electric pianos, which quickly found a home in many different musical scenes.
[Rd I] Synonymous with the Electric Piano
Yamaha's Rd I offers the timeless electric piano sound that helped define the music of so many artists in the
seventies. The Rd I reproduces the tone achieved using tines and hammers. From a quiet ballad or jazz standard to 
countless rock classics, the Rd I will take you back to this inspiring musical era the moment you begin to play.

[Wr] A Pioneering Electric Piano
Perfectly emulating the distinctive hammer-and-resonator sound of another star of the sixties and seventies, the 
Wr voices in the CP STAGE offer everything from the thick, powerful tone of the earlier models of these renowned electric 
pianos to the brighter clarity that later efforts achieved. These voices accurately reproduce the playing characteristics 
of the original instruments, so that a light touch will give a delicate tone, while playing with more force will result 
in a thicker, uniquely distorted sound.
A simple and intuitive interface gives you instant access to all the controls that you need.
- Change Voices
Category Select lets you call up the sounds you need quickly and easily—you can even store your favorite sounds for each 
category. In addition to all the great piano voices, a variety of bass, clavinet, organ, strings, and pad sounds based on 
the sounds in our flagship MOTIF synthesizer round out the voice library, so you’re ready for any musical situation.

- Layer & Split
One touch is all it takes to layer and split sounds.
The large lighted buttons make it easy to split and layer sounds even on the darkest stages, allowing you to switch from 
a full piano, to a piano voice layered with strings, or piano with a split bass sound. The Main Solo function lets you go 
back to playing piano across the entire keyboard with the touch of a button.
CP STAGE combines portability with elegant style in a professional package.
- Easy to carry
CP STAGE has a slim design that makes it incredibly light and easy to carry (CP4 STAGE: 17.5kg (38.5 lbs), 
CP40 STAGE: 16.3kg (36 lbs)). 


  • Tone Generating Technology: SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) + AWM2
  • Number of Polyphony (Max.):128
  • Number of Voices: 297(CF:15, Rd:3, Wr:6, CP80:8, DX:18, Clav, Organ:49, Strings, Choir, PAD:67, Others:117, 
  •                   Others(Drum):14)
  • Reverb: 11 types
  • Chorus: 9 types (46 presets)
  • Master Compressor: 1 type (7 presets)
  • Master EQ: 3 bands
  • Insertion Effect: 62 types (226 presets) × 2 Parts
  • Performances: User:128 * Performances 65 to 128 are identical copies of Performances 1 to 64.
  • Parts: 2
  • Line Out: UNBALANCED [L/MONO] and [R] OUTPUT jacks (standard mono-phone)
  • Headphones: [PHONES] jack (stereo-phone)
  • Foot Switch: [SUSTAIN] and [ASSIGNABLE] FOOT SWITCH jacks
  • Foot Controller: 1 jacks
  • MIDI:[IN] and [OUT] MIDI terminals
  • USB:[TO HOST] and [TO DEVICE] USB terminals
  • AUX:[IN] (stereo-phone mini jack)
  • Width 1,332 mm
  • Height: 163 mm
  • Depth: 352 mm
  • Weight: 16.3 kg
  • Controllers: Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel, Part slider × 2, [MASTER VOLUME] dial, Data Dial, 
  • MASTER EQUALIZER: slider × 3
  • Display: 40 characters × 2 lines, Character LCD with back-light
  • Power Consumption: 8W
  • Additional package: contents AC adaptor (PA-150 or an equivalent recommended by Yamaha), FC3 foot pedal, Owner’s Manual, 
  • Online Manual CD-ROM (containing Reference Manual, Synthesizer Parameter Manual, and Data List)
  • 88-key Graded Hammer (GH) keyboard